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  • Junghwan Oh

PKNU Selected as a 31.8 billion won marine biotechnology project

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Research to develop ultra-precision medical devices for human diagnosis and treatment using functional materials of marine organisms will begin in earnest for the first time in Korea.

Pukyong National University announced on the 31st that the ‘Marine Convergence Bionics Material Commercialization Technology Development Research Center’ led by Professor Junghwan Oh (photo) of the Department of Biomedical Engineering was selected for the marine and fishery biotechnology development project, a national project with a total project cost of 31.8 billion won.

Professor Oh said, “This project corresponds to two of Busan’s five major power industries, such as marine bio and health industries. In the first year, basic research is conducted, but from next year, the second year, actual commercialization research, such as development of prototypes of contrast agents and photosensitizers and diagnostic devices using them, will be conducted. It is expected to expand further. As much as it can greatly contribute to revitalizing the local economy, I hope that the city of Busan will pay attention to it."



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